Vision and Mission


 The Benchmark in the Provision of Highly Skilled and
Globally Competitive Work Force


The RTC-Baguio, in partnership with the private and public
sector, promotes, develops and delivers Technical-
Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programs and
projects that enhance employability, productivity and
competitiveness of the Filipino work force.


•Recognized as a training provider in engineering technology;
•A model in the implementation of a responsive, relevant dualized and Competency-Based Curriculum;
•A self sustaining industry-led training delivery;
•A venue for Life-Long Learning – continuous development of workers, partners and stakeholders;
•Accredited TVET Institution of Platinum Award;
•Accredited Assessment Center in Engineering Technology;
•Equipped with competent personnel with modern facilities and equipment of international standard;
•A technology learning laboratory with quality servicing and precision manufacturing competence
Quality Policy: 

We measure our worth by the satisfaction of the customers we serve.


Strategic Decisions



Value Adding


Citizen Focus



Core Values:

•Demonstrated Competence


Core Business:

•Training and Development
•Competency Assessment
•Placement and industry coordination
•Facilities and capability build-up program
•Technical services and special projects
•Planning and research

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